Chairman, Rick Hartley
Chairman, Rick Hartley

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Let’s see if we can get this straight as I have never heard anyone in the media pose this question:

We know that John “Chipmunk” Morgan is shedding a lot of tears over his brother’s alleged critical and dire need for medical marijuana. The stock market value of Kleenex tissue is skyrocketing….BUT, if Morgan was so painfully concerned over finding relief and aid for his brother, wouldn’t it have been faster, cheaper and more compassionate to simply move his brother to Colorado for immediate access???????



The Republican Party of Duval County urges all citizens to vote NO on all three proposed amendments.

Amendment 1 – This Amendment diverts 33% of the revenue currently being received from Doc Stamps to purchase Water & Conservation Land for the next 20 years.  That sounds nice. Currently the money is being spent to fund the Florida Housing Trust Fund for affordable homes for seniors, persons with disabilities and those with the lowest incomes AND the State Transportation Trust Fund for use in Public Transit Projects. By incorporating this into the State Constitution, it becomes very difficult to change.        (FS 215.618c).

This amendment does not raise taxes but will likely force the legislature to find new taxes to provide the affordable homes for seniors and persons with disabilities and fund public transit projects.

Amendment 2 - This is the ultimate scam, depicting hurting children to virtually legalize marijuana in Florida.  The ingredients in marijuana are available by prescription NOW.  The pill form won’t make you high.  That is why the push for “smoked medical marijuana”.

- In other states that have passed similar laws 90% of the approved users complained of non-specific pain, trouble sleeping and stress.

- “Pot Docs” and pill mill-style dispensaries will be easily accessible, marketed aggressively on street corners near you.

- Legalized Drug Dealers – the “caregivers’ described in Amendment 2 will be able to pitch their services to teens.  No prescriptions will be required.  No parental notification.  No age limits.

-  Once in the Constitution it will be almost impossible to make changes.  Citizens who don’t like the way lawyers and judges interpret the amendment would have to collect 683,000 petitions to put changes on the statewide ballot in an upcoming election.  This would be better addressed by the State Legislature.


Amendment 3This measure would allow a governor to “prospectively” fill future judicial vacancies on the last day of his term that have not become vacant yet.  The Duval GOP believes it is best if the newly elected governor appoint judges to vacancies that occur during the new governor’s term of office.