Chairman, Rick Hartley
Chairman, Rick Hartley

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Officer Elections Highlight December REC Meeting

Election of officers for the period December 15, 2014 through December 19, 2016 will be held Monday, December 15th at the Salem Center.  All registered Republicans are invited.  Photo ID and a Voter Registration card are required tor entrance to this meeting.  Only elected members of the Republican Executive Committee in good standing may vote.

The meeting will start at 6:30 pm.

Duval Republicans Exceed Scott Goal!

     In May, 2013, the Duval GOP established a goal of more than doubling Governor Scott’s 2010 14,799 vote margin of victory in Duval County.  We pledged to deliver a 30,000 margin of victory!  Duval County Republicans DELIVERED the votes!  Governor Scott’s margin of victory was 34,378 votes!  That’s 15% more than our goal.  

     Thanks the the volunteers, donors and support staff that worked so hard to achieve this goal.  Duval County provided about 1/3 of the Governor’s winning margin!