Chairman, Rick Hartley
Chairman, Rick Hartley

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Tell Mayor Brown to keep his hands off the JEA Board!

Mayor Brown has been caught trying to strong-arm a JEA Board Member into voting for his solution to the Pension Problem. His solution would force the JEA to pay the City Pension Fund $40 Million a year. The Mayor would solve the pension problem without him having to raise taxes. He could then blame the JEA for raising their electric rates. If JEA raises electric rates it would likely mean that new business would not come to Jacksonville. There are cheaper places to build a factory in Florida than Jacksonville now! Raising electric rates is shortsighted.

Write to the Mayor at Mayor Alvin Brown, City Hall at St. James Building, 117 W. Duval St. Suite 400, Jacksonville, FL 32202 and tell him to keep his hands off the JEA Board. You can also email him at

Write to the JEA Board and tell them not to be pressured into raising our electric rates. Mike Hightower, Chairman, JEA Board, 21 W Church St. Jacksonville, FL 32202-3155.